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FOX Business
May 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. ted always good to have you, you heard senator bob mendez of new jersey said, weave vetted this whole be benghazi thing, let's e on, and petraeus now, coming out as not signing off on this. >> petraeus said, i'm not comfortable with this, i assume not send anything out than send this out, in e-mail traffic, they say, we know, end quote, it was tied to al qaeda. traeus wanted to get t truth t he was the blocked. this ishe kind of thing we have to investigate, don't you think in middle of presidential campaign we need to know about an al qaeda attack, i kind of do. neil: you know what i wonder about too whether the other scandals that have come to life, irs. a serious breach of a lot, and justice department going after reporters in a way they can shift attention away from what could be far more o ominous infraations in benghazi. >> that is right, i think we have a media that is gleeful to cover these other things because benghazi is bigger. look. neil, nobody died in watergate this is the kind of thing that american people, deserve to have a full vetting of. we're not going to get it un
FOX Business
May 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
you, mr.-- lou: author, columnist jed -- ted die ya -- jedediah. let's start first first with mike kelly. the congressman, i have to tell you, i haven't seen a spontaneous response like that, applause, a standing ovation, in my career. >> yeah, because people were watching miller have absolutely no answers to anything. it was stunning to me. i was watching from home, and he couldn't remember dates, he couldn't remember names, he couldn't remember why he didn't disclose certain information to the committee that he had in his hands about specifically which kinds of conservative groups were going to be targeted. so he went to this hearing, had no information, had complete disrespect for the people that were reasons answering these questions. and i think this gentleman had had enough and said, you know what? i am going to be the one tonight who's going to speak for the american people who are watching this and are outraged and disgusted, and good for him for doing that. lou: stephen hayes, dave camp, the chairman of the committee, saying the arrogance was breathtaking on the part of pa
FOX News
May 11, 2013 11:00pm PDT
test. tell me the loors didn't mean -- i am not ex-animal rating with the chef -- it's ted stoner. i am not making that up. >> the burrito of cold -- >> i did not john mccain during the restaurant. you named a guy like the potion. he can run little -- he done say that the burrito rolling had nothing to do with the chi united auto workers union since then. >> i was saying, last year, sayi saying, i'm like -- heap slaps like a children. >> it was on more american. >> i know. >> certainly got a future on fox. it you hear that? >> maybe it. >> out for your job. >> what could it be called? america at rodman. playoff playoff -- it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not, we got each other and that's a lot for love. not a story, just another note scrawled in lipstick on my windshield by greg jarrett. the man has lost his mind. >>> would you take a one-way trip to mars? be sure to screen your answer directly -- scream your answer directly into the tv screen so >>> so many yearn to never return. yeah, nearly 80,000 people have applied to be the first humans to land on mars. and then live
FOX News
May 14, 2013 12:00pm PDT
admit ted it secretly seize phone record from the "associated press," some from permanent phone, it admits the records reveal everybody the journalists had been calling over a period of two months. so they have all the contacts, all the communications of the people entrusted by the constitution to keep watch over them. isn't that interesting. the justice department did not tell the "associated press" why it was keeping tabs on reporters etch also got no answers from the white house press secretary today, former reporter himself. >> from my background i understand them well. but in this situation, where the department appears to be conducting a criminal investigation it would be wholly inappropriate for me to have answers to those questions. don't have them and i have to rev you to the department of justice. >> reports got their chance to district their questions to the attorney general himself. eric holder was holding a news conference across town on medicare fraud, when this story quick live caught the spotlight. it's the first of three big stories today, and ca catherine herri
FOX News
May 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
thing that they all have in common, and, again, every jail house murder, every serial killer, ted bundy i know him because i tracked that guy. they all have the same thing. all right? it doesn't seem that the people who get attached to these monsters have any feelings at all for their victims. i mean, to say that dzhokhar tsarnaev didn't do it and you see that on facebook. >> they do. they find ways to rationalize it. >> you can't though. because then you are into the insane zone. then you are into you have got real problem zone. >> a will the of conspiracy theories out there. if you read the post conspiracy theories or revenge of the government or the government is lying about him plays into that. >> bill: find him in a boat bleeding with bullet holes after he shoots it out with police and the government is lying about him. see, what i'm trying -- >> -- not rational. >> bill: what i'm trying to get to ladies is this. if you have a young person in your life and this is the mentality, this isn't like a crush on mick jagger or some bad boy rocker. all right? this is serious. all right? th
FOX News
May 17, 2013 2:00am PDT
away. we really thought we were going to die. >>> ted griffin and his buddy out fishing they captured this exclusive video of hail grape fut size some even larger. >> you notice one of the five confirmed twisters the national weather service confirmed they saw that coming in. there are reports there are up to 13 tornadoes, though. one of them registering at ef 4 level that is 200 mile an hour winds. i want you to check out this video. a roof ripped off of a cabinet shop. he and his friends working on cars when the storm rolled in. >> the sky turned yellowish reddish and the tornado touched down. it was like a mile wide. i put my seat belt on and prayed and grabbed the handle on the seat. >> residents we spoke with say they do not have insurance and they are scrambling trying to find places to stay. the red cross we have seen them making the rounds. multiple grass-roots volunteer groups are there. that's latest in texas. back to you. >> anna, do we know anything about those still missing, so 7 are reported missing still? >> no, we don't have any updates on that. of course we have calls
May 12, 2013 8:30am PDT
. if you haven't check -- is a gorgeous little town. if you haven'ted checked it out, it will be a good day. mid 60s at the coach today until 90 degrees inland. that is a typical summertime spread. it is warmer now in the spring than it usually is in the summer. 67 at livermore at the airport. 62 in santa rosa and fog this morning. sunshine everywhere. if high pressure keeps us sunny for today, low pressure approaching from the gulf of alaska means the highs in the atmosphere fold, there is less pressure and it will be cooling off this week. it won't be dramatic. a few degrees a day is all we ask. 89 at sacramento after a high yesterday near 100. 98 at fresno. 65 at monterey and 63 at eureka. in san francisco we will hit 72 degrees. 69 in pacifica. santa rosa gets up to 83. 89 at travis airforce base in fairfield. # 4 for livermore. lit cool off a few degrees, into the low 80s inland. cooler doesn't mean cold, just not as warm as we had in the past couple of days. along the coast pleasant. clouds in the morning but mild in the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s. next week a
May 12, 2013 5:00am PDT
garage they are feverishly working toward a tight ted line. >> they are charging the batteries. these ones are not charged and we are not sure they hold enough charge for us. >> there are countless variables in lay. >> what bothers me is the radio shifted mode. >> and they have only one chance to get it right. >> we are building a cube set. it will launch into orbit in 2013. >> this science project will blast off an rocket and fly high above the earth. it's powered by sun, packs a tiny radio and three cameras. >> you will be able to request a picture of the earth and the next time the teite goes over this part of the earth it will take a picture and send it back to your phone. >> he's an app developer and a space nerve. when his app last time did so well he quit his day job and decided to go where no one has gone before. >> it's about doing something only big governments could do. >> the tiny satellite will orbit the earth seg pack tweets and pictures for people willing to pay a dollar for the privilege. >> this is code for high world so that's what i'm programming here. >> the
May 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
with long, gray hair in the home. on may 2nd a witness who said she saw a man leaving the home recan'ted her statement. on may 7th, leila was buried in a private ceremony and then police announced the arrest of her brother saying he will be charged with homicide. stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on our website and on abc7 morning news at 4:30 a.m. >>> a beefed up manhunt continued in humboldt county for a suspected it triple murder suspect shane miller. miller is suspected it of -- suspect testified killing his wife and two daughters. then he disappeared into the woods. university of california police tonight are looking for who ever killed a man off campus. officers received calls early this morning about a possible shooting on grizzly peak boulevard. when they arrived on scene, they found a man outside a car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there is growing speculation tonight about what caused an america's cup racing catamaran during a practice run last week. sky 7hd shows the wreckage. a sailor was trapped underneath and died. lilian kim is live at america's cup headquarter
May 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
. ted and bobby and theodore and dwight foster of rhode island and massachusetts respectively served together back in the beginning of the 19th century. never ran for that senate seat, although i believe he's the older brother of senator carl levin. any way, congratulations to today's winner. crowd hall. that's the name you claim on twitter. you've got a political trivia question, e-mail us, we'll be right back. >>> bring back our gaggle. look, of these three scandals, benghazi feels like it's so polarized nothing's going to change minds. irs, the one everybody can relate to. the media one, nobody cares about our problems, but ruth marcus, this shield law, the irony is that candidate obama was for, if he had supported and gotten through this stuff back in '09 and the white house now says, well, our reforms ended up tieing in the senate. if we had had it, there would have been a judicial review process for this issue they're investigating with the associated press. >> and the administration would be better off for it because there are times when i don't want to get in trouble with my
May 17, 2013 12:00am PDT
the least partisan legs. ted cruz is like, you got to go after leakers. there is no delightful gains to be made by republicans beating them up over this. >> right. and i think perhaps the press corps is overthinking it by assuming that people out in the country don't really care that much. it is something involving politicians and the press and who cares. this is one where i think whatever the polls might say and whatever the level of interest among voters out in the country, it's a profound matter and profoundly disturbing. as joan said, they sought too much. they didn't do it in the right way. they insist that they took all reasonable measures which is what the justice department guidelines call for to find the information they wanted before they did what they did. we're taking that at face value. i'm not necessarily ready to take their word for it, number one. >> they also blew up the reporting ability of the ap. right now if you or someone out there who is a source who knows about, say, a serial sexual predator on an army base, for instance, and you want to blow the whistle on th
May 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
a person's political beliefs? or their religiously held beliefs? >> and it's not just her. ted cruz, rand paul, they won't stop trying to take away health care from the american people that need it. >> look, she's the real face of the republican party right now and e.j. is right. all of that diversity is gone. all of that sense of reality is gone. i would argue that the self-parody is the republican reality. john boehner said this issue is settled. now he's holding his votes. why? he's got a fractured republican party, torn between the tea party types, the establishment, and it's aminous towards barack obama, fear of hillary clinton. they are going to keep holding these votes. they don't want to legislate, want to repeal health care, they are not, in my view, going to pass much of anything this year. if i were there, i would look ahead and say we are maneuvering our way internally through our own party difficulties and we could pay a big price for this, just as republicans obsessed with impeachment. >> e.j., when you lead the beltway, i understand the politics back and forward and the pun
May 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
that. that's a good idea. excellent idea. i never even thought of that. see ted right after class, will you? let's try that again. you kinda can. take a--can you kinda-- it's hard for you guys to see. it turns out i've got the water a little bit chalked up because i wanna show you something else. but yes, you do that effect. excellent, excellent, excellent question. how come i never thought of that before? [laughter] that's one thing about teaching, you continually get new ideas by people like you. and sometimes the simplest questions give the-- isn't that nice, see? do you guys know why you can, kind of, see the glass now and you couldn't before? how about that for a homework question? would that be a good one? we'll think about that. let me show you something else with that. here i've got a laser, gang. laser is emitting a nice clear single frequency red light. see the red light gang? okay? a laser light, okay? it makes a nice, nice thin, thin beam. you guys can't see the beam right now because it's not scattering off anything. if i darken the room and put a little chalk dust he
May 12, 2013 9:30pm EDT
of john f. kennedy. the rest of the day he went to the colorado hospital where wouldn'ted veterans from u.s. and britain are competing. >> present. ♪ ♪ ♪ [playing the star-spangled anner] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ reporter &a" with scott shane. then the state opening of the british parliament then we will show you highlights from prince harry's visit to washington, d.c. >> she's the first first lady to earn a college degree. ldiers serving under her husband called her -- and she held the first white house easter egg roll. wife of the 19th president as we continue our series on first ladies with your questions and comments by phone, facebook, and twitter. c-span3 ive o c-span, and >> this week on "q&a," "new york times" national security reporter scott shane discusses his recent front page story titled "from spy to source to convict" describing his involvement in the cia officer for leaking information to a reporter. >> scott shane back in january, you had something unusual front page in the "new york times" where you led the paper not with a per se news story but something you've been
May 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
. if you continue do to do that, numbers will speak for themselves. >> ted, you put an expectation out there now, $100 billion in revenue. now if it wasn't you, i would completely dismiss it. as it is, it does sound as though you might have been getting a bit giddy and what time frame are you possibly talking that this company could be a $100 billion revenue company. >> really, the opportunity before the local commerce and where mobile and commerce comes together really is probably the biggest opportunity that all companies are organized to go after. right now we're looking at growing that top line and i think we can have a lot of up side over the years. >> give me some sense there as to how that number can be possible. i mean, i understand it is a huge opportunity. certainly mobile which is becoming a more and more important part of your business and i assume will be the majority of it, if not now, very, very soon. but we're talking about google here, in that same category competing with people with google maps or whatever it may be to generate commerce. >> ted nailed it. it sounded l
May 17, 2013 7:00pm EDT
ted cook will be the headliner. seema mody joins with us those details. >> that's right. tim cook will testify on permanent investigations tuesday. lawmakers looking into the practices some u.s. corporations use to shift profits made here overseas to pay less in taxes. apple adamant saying it doesn't do this, holding $102 of it's billions in cash overseas because it's made there. remember, apple gets 66% of its sales overseas. if the 102 billion is brought back to the u.s., it faces additional tax, typically the difference between the other country's tax rate and the u.s.' 35% corporate tax rate. in interviews with other outlets, cook says that corporate rate is too high. cook telling the washington post, we're not proposing it to be zero, i think it has to be reasonable. >> great stuff. very important. so, would tim cook be the one that finally brings a decent tax reform to the rest of the country? let bring in dean garfield, ceo of the industry counsel, he has been working with counsel an tim cook. art last is still with us. art laffert is still with us. let me ask you, presiden
May 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
not to seek re-election because i want ted to make the point to the american people it's time to change it, they have to change it and there are ways to do it in realtime through the technology that you use so well. absolutely. people can do it. just as those who fanned the flames of polarization, we ought to be able to do it together and seek bipartisanship and demand it. otherwise you know what, you're out. >> i totally agree. >> we don't even have a budget. >> you are speaking my language. actually, you're not, really. you sort of are. it's a common language. finding common ground, terrific book. i urge everyone in washington, never mind the viewers, washington, go read this book. wake up to what is happening. thank you very much. >> thank you, piers. >>> coming up, law and disorder. the cases america can't get enough of from jodi arias to the cleveland kidnappings to o.j. simpson back in court. gloria allread joins me along with casey anthony's former attorney, jose baez. [ pacino ] the inches we need are everywhere around us. every minute. every second -- we fight for that inch. [ mal
May 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
to this as a manifesto, kind of the manifesto that ted kaczynski, the unabomber wrote, a case again that i worked. you just covered a few weeks ago chris dornin, the rogue lapd cop before he went out and did his things and the killings, he had a manifesto as well. so it's a little different here. but he's writing the so-called manifesto within this boat. he wants to be a martyr, but this definitely will be held against him. it has the motive, has his intention that his brother is in paradise now and hopefully, he can be joining his brother in paradise pretty soon, once i believe he will probably be convicted as well. >> john douglas, as always, fascinating. thanks so much for joining me. >>> next, he survived his own scandal, has his own thoughts about the troubles now plaguing the white house. congressman mark sanford joins me on the grill. ♪ ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new
May 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
? >> well, i interviewed ted williams, who some people think is the greatest hitter of all time, in 1988 at a time when he had not done an interview, radio or television, at all, in 15, 16 years. and he was amazingly forthcoming and he's a compelling figure and at one point i said to him you know, you're the guy who john wayne played in all those movies. you're actually the guy. and he hitched for a moment, a moment of modesty, but then honesty overtook him and he said yeah, i know it. >> there was also a famous interview with mickey mantle. want to play a clip from that here. >> i always had the sense that there was a sadness about you. we all have some regret but i always felt there was quite a bit of sadness about you. in retrospect, was that true? >> yeah. i think that when i did drink a little too much or something, it kind of relieved the tension that i felt within myself maybe, because i hadn't been what i should have been. >> because you hadn't been the ball player you felt you should have been? >> or the daddy. >> so bob, i've got a little surprise for you. it's a statement from
FOX Business
May 15, 2013 4:00pm EDT
have to point out it's todd and ted who got him into ibm in the first place, the two investment managers hired because he doesn't go into technology stocks at all. he's been the first to say those guys do more trading versus buffet who holds. daifd daif it's not changing the -- david: it's not changes the effect of the price after hours. they are holding their own at 203 a share, exactly what it trades after hours. liz: herbal life not moving either. david: not yet. back to news, the headlines about all over the country, members of congress pressing attorney general eric holder today about the justice department's subpoena of the associated press' phone records. liz: the previously scheduled hearing comes aid mid multiple controversy involving the department. peter barnes in washington with the latest. hi, peter. >> the house committee wants to know why the department of justice secretly collected to -- collected two months wort of phone records and who may have leaked information for a story in may last year about a foiled terrorist plot. the ap says there was no justification
FOX News
May 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
stirring this around for a number of years by 2012 he goes out and gets a similar tough letter to the ted -- head of the irs saying look at these groups and gets six others to sane the letter. al franken of minnesota, oregon senator, merkley of oregon, shaheen of new hampshire and udall of new mexico and white house. and finally we have another letter, set of letters from karl levin of michigan, the retiring democrat from michigan who sends very tough letters to the department over this and says their answers are unacceptable and threatens to take them to task in a hearing in congress over these issues. maybe the low-level bureaucrats aren't so low level and maybe they were influenced by democrats in the congress saying take on these groups or else you will face the consequences in front of us. >> all right. let's go to the press conference at the white house today. there is the -- by the way, jay carney is an embarrassment. jay carney, when he said there were only stylistic differences in the twelve different talking points of benghazi, that was an outright lie. >> that was a complete an
May 12, 2013 1:00pm PDT
y estados unidos. el 40% de indocumentados llegan por aviÓn violando su visa, ted cruz dijo que se necesitan 60 mil agentes en la frontera, tres veces mÁs de lo que hay ahora, es la seguridad de la frontera, una prioridad en la reforma migratoria? >>> no es viable, no se puede decir por un lado, vamos a recortar el presupuesto, y por otro lado decir, vamos a gastar miles de millones de dÓlares mÁs colocando mÁs agentes en la frontera. no, creo que ese dinero se puene dedicar a cosas mÁs necesarias. queremos tener una frontera segura, no una frontera cerrada. tenemos mucho comercio. hacia y desde estados unidos a mÉxico, igual lo tenemos con canadÁ, vamos a cerrar la frontera? no, por favor, a veces escuchÉ algunas de estas cosas que la dice gente que no quiere una reforma migratoria. vamos a buscar la forma de tener una reforma migratoria y no tratar de poner barreras falsas que maten el proyecto. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> para finalizar, usted llegÓ al senado, en 1974, es ahora mÁs difÍcil de llegar a un acuerdo en el senado y cÁmara de representantes que antes, qu
May 12, 2013 7:00pm PDT
a family, and what are you going to do? >> ted lachovitz: failure seldom stops you from being an entrepreneur. what stops you is because you have the fear of failure. >> gupta: it's bootcamp, minus the mud. the challenges are mental, not physical, and the vets lean on each other for support. >> pam: you gel quickly when you're a vet. you have a common ground that you just... it's hard to explain what it is, but you just instantly will click. >> alan: i think it would be difficult. i wouldn't want to do it unless it was a school of vets. you have to get your paperwork down. >> gupta: the final exam is a presentation of their business plan to a panel of executives and entrepreneurs. >> judge: your presentation, you just inspire confidence. >> pam: thank you. >> mike: i would like to introduce the 2012 entrepreneurship bootcamp for veterans with disabilities program here at syracuse university. >> gupta: to date, only 600 veterans have gone through the program. it's numbers like that that frustrate mike haynie. >> mike: sometimes i... i go home at night, and i think about, "man,
May 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
palin party. we have new players who are eager to take the lead, eager to take the mandle. we have ted cruz. we have rand paul who we were just mentioning, want to get out in front of this issue for their presidential prospects. they are going to be going after that purple america. they know the red states are already tea party esque. they see 2014 they've got an in. >> an opportunity. thank you, everybody. i really appreciate you joining me. >>> still ahead, can the average woman afford to follow in the footsteps of actress angelina jolie's medical lead? there are new questions about the options available for all women who are concerned about cancer or having predetermined cells for it, rich and poor, after jolie reveals her decision to have a double ma sestectomy. what does it mean to you? i would ever quit. nestlyk [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostilit
May 16, 2013 11:00am PDT
as well with ted cruz, for example. he said when citizens fear the government there is tyranny. so that was also going on. the bottom line is pundits believe this irs situation is the most difficult for the president. with benghazi as it was reported, some people don't even know where it is on the map. with the a.p., very little sympathy from average folks for the media. here you have the irs and folks believing this could happen to them. >> lynn sweet is absolutely correct. the effort by the white house to put a lid on this will be unsuccessful. i think that a shortcoming of the president's team, and this marks the entire duration of the administration so far. they've been so great at messaging in campaign season. and then they can't fight out of a wet paper bag while they're in office. they just can't get ahead of these issues even when the facts are on their side. you look at that document dump on benghazi in those 100 e-mail we see concretely that it was the cia that said remove references to al qaeda. why didn't the white house get that information out sooner? with regard to t
May 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
ryan and ted cruz in single digits. by the way, the big mover among those rs is rand paul. his support has doubled over the past six months. he's moving up. now to the democrats where hillary clinton is up by 50 points. 5-0. over vice president joe biden. 6 6 663% to 13% for biden. andrew cuomo. mark warner. elizabeth warren. she's showing up. martin o'malley. all in low, very low single digits. we're going to look at general election matchups later in the hour. that's going to be fun to see how the republicans do against hillary, i guess. we'll be right back. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. [ male announcer ] book ahead and save up to 20 percent at, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪
May 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
at 14%. paul ryan and ted cruz in single digits. by the way, the big mover among those rs is rand paul. his support has doubled over the past six months. he's moving up. now to the democrats where hillary clinton is up by 50 points. 5-0. over vice president joe biden. 63% to 13% for biden. andrew cuomo. mark warner. elizabeth warren. she's showing up. martin o'malley. all in low, very low single digits. we're going to look at general election matchups later in the hour. that's going to be fun to see how the republicans do against hillary, i guess. we'll be right back. >>> people may be starting to use the "i" word before too long. >> oh, okay. the "i" word meaning impeachment? >> yeah. >> is that within the realm of possibilities? i would say yes. i'm not willing to take that off the table. >> if you had watergate and iran/contra together and multiply it times maybe ten or so, you're going to get in the zone of what benghazi is. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> welcome back to "hardball." as you saw in that clip of republicans there, they're having a fiesta with all the issues facing the obama ad
May 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
romney had kid rock, meat loaf and ted nugent. >> thank you, sam, elizabeth, melissa and ben, that's all for now, i'll see you monday, noon eastern, live from washington, d.c. until then, you can follow us on twitter at "now" with alex. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- on the griddle. the fired irs chief in the hot seat. over his agency's targeting of conservative political groups. >>> as acting commissioner i wants to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >>> is an apology enough? congressional republicans want to know why steven miller did not disclose the targeting after being told of it last year. >> when asked the truth, and you know the truth and you have a legal responsibility to inform others of the truth, but you don't share that truth, what is that called? >> i always answer questions truthfully, mr. camp. >> you knew the targeting was taking place. you knew the terms tea party, patriots were being used. you just acknowledged a minute ago that they were outra
May 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
yesterday in new york at the spotted pig restaurant. when you made your ted speech, ten minutes -- >> it was very hard. >> rose: (laughs) chris anderson said what i want you to do is compile. put together 25 years of anti-poverty campaigns into ten minutes. spl >> >> only an englishman would ask an irishman to do that. >> rose: it would take a miracle. (laughs) and chris said use something that's complex. yefrjts, there was -- there wasn't exactly -- suck sinceness is not exactly a national characteristic, for sure. and i appreciate my friends tell me-- and you can tell me in this interview-- i can go off and it's -- in ireland we sort of -- we search for stuff by talking it through, you know? and it's not good if you're sitting in front of it sometimes and mayor bloomberg got a load of rich people together in a room for me once. he's a great supporter of what we do and at the end of it he said "you want to go out to dinner? " i said "yeah." he said "next time i get you in a room with a load of rich people, have a speech." >> rose: (laughs) >> he said that! and i said "well, i w
May 15, 2013 6:00pm EDT
to ted in texas. >> caller: first time carole, long-time viewer. >> i welcome to you the show. >> caller: thank you. my question today is on why rcw is up 21.5% today at a 52-week high with the stock with little to no move over the last i'd say month, years, even, is this one here to is stay? >> this one exploded. you know, i got to tell you, the truckers are very hot, but this one is too sizzling for eme. look, the momentum is unbelievable here. if you want to take a shot at it. i can't handle it. it's too had for me. let's go to chris in new york. >> caller: jim, i know you used to be bullish on toyota a couple years ago. >> i was. >> caller: how about now? they seem to be ramping back up there. >> i said this morning, i think toyota is real. because the japanese got serious. they are devaluing themselves daily so it makes it toyota will be cheaper than the other cars. that makes sense. i think it can go higher still. it always was a great car company. now it has a great advantage. it's a tale of two cities for two tech titan, gook goggle with the best of times, apple not so much. we'l
May 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. ted strickland, a former governor of ohio, filed for tax-exempt status in august 2011. monthsre approved nine later. mr. miller, another organization in ohio, the ohio liberty coalition. this is their documents in response to irs request. this is only part of it. all of these documents were not enough for the irs to approve their application. in fact they applied in june 2010. they finally received approval in december 2012. one month after the november election. another young lady i met in the group indicated her group had a book club and the irs listed all the books they had read and a book report from the group. you cannot make this stuff up. this is unbelievable. i do not know how you can defend any of this and i do not how you can say this is not political when the liberal got a tax-exempt status and three did not mention for over two years. who was mr. lerner's boss in 2011? >> i believe it would have been -- >> ingram? >> another gentleman. >> he has since submitted his resignation? so. believe >> when she did today? >> she works in the affordable care act? >> who approve
May 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
showing me something on the internet. >> it is just a picture of ted cruz looking at beneficiariel bachmann. jacki schechner speaking of tapable -- do you have your mummy hand still? >> i do. >> stephanie: and yet you are still going spinning after the show. >> i am. >> stephanie: she is a little more insane than i am about the spinning. >> i think obsessed is the word. >> stephanie: here she is a virtually fat free jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. happy friday hearings starts this hour to take a closer look at the irs and it's taking a closer look at conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. scheduled to testify are steven miller and inspector general jay russell george. making it a little more complicated is this. joseph grant, the man in charge of the tax exempt division has announced plans to also step down on june 3rdrd. the woman who held a position before him, and the woman who was in charge when all of this got started, sarah engram is now heading up the irs division that is implementing part of the affordable care act. today's heari
May 19, 2013 12:00pm PDT
had michele bachmann talking about impeachment and senator ted cruz already appearing to start overplaying it. ed and said, at wha they're overplaying their hand? >> well, they've already expressed concern. and the chairman of the rnc, he has told members, hold off on talking about impeachment. that is way, way, way, you know, out there at this point, given the facts that we know. but the facts that we do know is that the ig informed the deputy secretary of the treasury that this investigation was going on. it begs belief to imagine that he didn't tell tim geithner, tim geithner is a member of the cabinet. wouldn't he have told the chief of staff? and if he didn't, what is the culture of management at the white house -- >> is it about the culture of management or is it about the culture of the irs? >> possibly both. and also could be the culture of any bureaucracy, be it federal bureaucracy. and the point i would like to talk about is the one that dana raised in his column, that they're already makie ining foo themselves. dana, i have to say, you missed the really big one, whic
May 14, 2013 8:00pm EDT
and multifacemultiface ted video marketplace. today's video marketplace is radically different from the one that existed two decades ago when the only options for consumers were over-the-air broadcasting and cable television. the advent of the world wide web has given consumers a seemingly endless toasts of avenues to receive video content. there are cable and satellite services. there are verizon fios and universe services as well as so-called over-the-top options such as netflix, youtube, itunes and hulu which grow in popularity each day. the unregulated video media marketplace has truly thrived. as a member of the subcommittee i'm here to learn how policymakers can ensure that the video delivery ecosystem continues on this path of exponential growth offering policies that encourage innovation rather than hindering it. to focus not only on the current marketplace the more importantly on the future of video. we need to identify not only where the market has done but where it is going. i would like to thank our witnesses for testifying today. the industry and consumer representatives are able to bring d
May 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
together. >> ted and i had comedy on stage, everything a greek wanted to know about an asian guy but too afraid to ask? >> do you remember any of the aboutity? >> what is your favorite asian movie "the joy luck club" or "the joy luck club"? >> that's offensive, zach. >> yes. >> it's hard now to imagine anyone but this crew starring in "the hangover" but this was not necessarily supposed to be the wolfpack. i don't think people understand or realize who love this movie how unlikely this cast was. i think there might have been at the time some more famous actors he wanted to use. in other words how many people said no? cooper originally thought director todd phillips had passed him over for the role. >> i thought it was a great meeting and then nothing. that was like in january and then cut to like july and i'm in williamstown doing a play, going well, i don't know. this might be it and then literally thinking i don't know what's going to happen after this play and i get an e-mail saying, enough already, let's do this. i was like who is this? >> right. one moment you think you're in willia
May 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
to the brumbacks murder. clearly they believe there's a good chance the two are related. ted rolands, cnn, chicago. >> that does it it for me. >>> investigators are peeling back the wreckage from two commuter trains trying to find out what caused that terrible collision. we'll go live to the scene in a moment. >>> and the irs scandal is just one of the problems facing the obama white house. could there be legal fallout? our legal guys will be weighing in. >>> and did you already get your powerball ticket? the drawing for the $600 million jackpot is tonight and everyone wants a shot at it. but what are your odds? >>> we begin with that devastating commuter train crash in connecticut. ntsb investigators are now on the scene. the collision last night injured dozens of people and it's creating quite the night -- nightmare for commuters. susan, what is happening there right now? >> reporter: investigators from the national transportation safety board are on site and they are fanning out to take a closer look at this accident scene, which they said covers about 200 yards or so, so the length of two foot
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